How to Choose a Biomass Installer

When Rural Heat was set up, there were very few biomass companies and the general public had little idea as to what or how biomass works.  Time has moved on and there are now hundreds of “biomass companies” with a clever web site but with little or no experience.

What sets us apart is our experience and commitment to quality, as most of our work now comes from referrals.  We concentrate on installations of between 100kw to 400kw based in the South of England – we know our market segment and we are going to stick to it.  We are not a multinational like Econergy (owned by Centrica/British Gas) nor a local company pretending to have national coverage.

So why are we different?  Anyone can say that we can design, install and maintain your biomass system but how many have they actually done?  Our technical director, Andy Owens is the person who will design and manage your project and we have attached a copy of some of the projects he has design and installed.  The key facts are:

  • Twenty years with the Royal mechanical and electrical Engineers
  • Six years within the biomass industry
  • Design/installed over 60 systems from 27kw up to 1.2MW

Ask the completion, who they will be using and how often you will see him on site?  You wouldn’t let a well intentioned handyman build you a house, so why do the equivalent with a large heating system?

What boilers do we recommend, well it depends on your requirement, maybe an ETA, sometimes a KWB or the, as e new Optimum IQ – whatever it is, it will be a quality boilers.  Other companies have arrangements with manufacturers and they will guide you towards that make, as they have financial incentives to do so.

If you need more information about our company or Andy Owens, we will be glad to hear from you.

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